ClubSoft is an integrated software capable of handling all aspects of a Club / Gymkhana . Specifically developed keeping in mind the various needs of a club. The product handles everything from managing your members to club operations even taking care of financial needs. Web-based and flexible to accommodate any kind of activity your club might cater to.

Members validation happens through touch screen kiosk, contactless cards or biometrics. The solution works at major elite clubs.

Contact Information

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Description of each module

Members Management

This sub module takes care of following

  • Members related management services – New Memberships, Cease/death/transfer Memberships, Life Memberships, Ordinary Memberhips, Temporary Memberships, Institution Memberships
  • Accounting module for activities performed by members
  • Smart handling of Members privileges based on defined rules and regulations
  • All Members and their membership data will be linked through issued Identity Cards, Smart cards or even Prepaid Cards to use it on the club premises


This sub module takes care of following

  • All types of vouchers like bank/cash/JV/debit/credit notes
  • All typical vouchers required in a club
  • All sub ledgers and general Ledger
  • Cross Balancing of Sub ledger and General Ledger
  • All standard reports for day to day work and auditors
  • Generation of Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation sub module

Room Management

This sub module takes care of following

  • Room booking/cancellation/availability functionality
  • Check in/Check out functionality
  • Bill Generation functionality
  • Credit/Debit card handling functionality
  • Automated entries to accounting system functionality
  • Room Booking also available through the Member section in the web based application

Food and Beverages

This sub module takes care of following

  • List of items available with price
  • Automatic Kitchen Order Ticket generation
  • Interface for Members for available items of food and beverages
  • Cash/Credit Bill Generation
  • Day Begin/Day End operations
  • Automatic interface to accounting
  • Tab based order taking App is also integrated with this module

Activities Management

This sub module takes care of following

  • Dynamic Addition of unlimited activities type
  • Charges can be defined in various ways, Daily/Monthly/bi-monthly/half-yearly/Yearly
  • Guest Charges
  • Per game/Per Hour/Per Session Charges
  • Automatic link to Accounts module with an easy interface

Smart Card Interface

The software has the capability to interact with any kind of smart card (Contact or Contactless). We also has the capability to develop any kind of smart card from design to encoding. Smart cards can be used for any kind of activities on the club premises

SMS and Email Integration

This sub module takes care of following

  • SMS and Email registration of each member
  • Send bulk SMS or bulk Email any kind of message to the club members
  • Automatic SMS / email notification for facilities used by the member and their family.
  • Automatic SMS / email notification about monthly bill

MIS and Reports

MIS and reporting module take out variety of reports for day to day use, auditors use, record keeping use and MIS use.

Web Portal

The web portal will be a central Web Presence for your club. It can have following information.

  • Standard Information about the club which will change only once a year
  • Variable information about the club, relating to activities, functions, events which will change often
  • Rates of activities in the club
  • Member Login
  • Member dues payment
  • Member details self-updates (only allowed fields)
  • Movie booking
  • Facilities and Activity bookings
  • Rooms status view / booking
  • Library Books Booking
  • View Food & Beverages bills

Mobile App

  • Managing member details
  • Member dues payment
  • Member details self-updates (only allowed fields)
  • Movie booking
  • Facilities spot booking
  • Rooms status view / booking
  • QR Code for gated entry during movie shows and other events.
  • Money Wallet (optional) for payments within the club premises
  • Library Books Booking
  • Instant view Food & Beverages bills
  • Historical data of activities and facilities used by members and family members