Uni-Sys is our new versatile product – an ERP tool, launched a year ago to empower Universities and Educational Institutions. The product has all the necessary modules and functionalities to help administrators, faculties, students and human resorces team to manage and monitor smooth functioning of educational institutions. The modules are flexible for expansion and can be easily connected to third party modules for secured exchange of data


  • Microsoft .Net (MVC)
  • MySQL
  • Cloud Enabled

Contact Information

For more information please contact us via info@tmspl.com


The product provides complete accounting solution. Budgeting, purchase, sale, fees, income, all types of expenses, GST, VAT, Bank Reconciliation, Various Reports: Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Income Expenditure Statements etc.

Exam module for Institute/Faculty or Department

Similar to the above module but specific to an institute/faculty or a department. It includes exam management tools, Exam Time Table, Seating Arrangement, Academic Calendar Preparation, and Subject Registration

Visiting Faculty Management

It includes, Visiting Faculty registration, their attendance, order preparation, bill preparation, payment, etc.


It includes, Counselling Process, Student Details Management, Fees Management, etc.

Exam module for the University

It includes, student exam registration, Exam time table, preparing question papers, whole pre exam and post exam processes, defining grace and grade Policy, Ordering stationary, proofreading of papers, student attendance, managing exam staff, answer sheet checking, preparing various reports, mark sheets


It includes, getting request of books, arranging books by purchase or rented from other library. Books Management, Other Library Membership. Stock Management etc.

Employee Management System

It is a complete Human Resource Management system including all the activities related to employees

  • Recruitment Process
  • Joining Process
  • Employee Details Management
  • Employee Service Book
  • Employee Attendance and Leave Management
  • Payroll and Various Allowances
  • Income Tax
  • Increment and Appraisal Process
  • Provident Fund
  • Employee Growth Programs
  • Employee Full N Final Process or Retirement

Bus Route Management

It includes, creating routes and student registration to use bus services and defining their Routes. Managing Fees and Bus Schedules etc.

Campus Management

It includes, Guest House Bookings and Management. Further, it includes maintenance request of any resource, reporting an issue, and designated person resolve the issue.

Fixed Asset Management

It includes, Depreciation of Fixed Assets

Inward-Outward System

Records of all the mails (in different forms) coming in and going out of any office.


It includes, Student Enrollment Process, Various Student Certificates, and Student Migration Process etc.

Purchase and Stock Management

It includes the purchase process which starts from creating a requisition, budgeting- approvals, getting quotations and making purchase. Includes Payment terms, Purchase Order, Taking Delivery, Challan Preparation, Managing stock etc.