Token ME

Success Story: Simplifying Asset Management tracking with IoT (Internet of Things) Innovation and Transformation.

Location: The Netherlands / Denmark

Introduction: Token-Me is a prominent company in monitoring and asset management in the construction industry. A Dutch wireless tech communication company with an experienced working across the world in the domain of Internet of Things.

The Challenge: Token-Me’s goal was to create advanced IoT solutions based platform seamlessly integrating cloud with hardware products to cater to the construction industry. They needed a reliable partner proficient in hardware, firmware research and software engineering.

Our Solution:
We crafted highly customizable IoT firmware solution in 6 months with enhanced accuracy tracking that seamlessly integrates into TokenMe’s existing engineering stack.

The cloud platform that we engineered with complete set of built-in analytics provides detailed and comprehensive overview of operations of the full IoT based system. The real-time secure system works on AWS’s cloud infrastructure with ease of access to the client for monitoring various facets. The scalability of the system is the true beauty of the innovation.

Impact: The overall monitoring and safety costs for construction sites who use the system have reduced by over 40% and has helped in improving efficiency in services and operations. The user friendly design of the product and reporting capabilities has exceeded client’s expectations.

Description of each module