Sports Club of Gujarat website and mobile app


Sports Club of Gujarat website and mobile app

Success Story: We designed, engineered and developed a website and mobile app for Sports Club of Gujarat

Location: India

Introduction: Sports Club is one the most happening clubs in India. It has state of the art amenities to make it all the more uptown and niche! Restaurants, gymnasium, swimming pool, indoor-outdoor sports, movie theatre, a hall make the club a wholesome place for entertainment for family and friends

The Challenge: Sports Club wanted to increase the ease of access to their members and patrons. A complete digital transformation of processes was also needed.

Our Solution: We engineered a complete digital transformation of The Sports Club. We introduced cloud first approach for the club. We redesigned the website, introduced a new and robust Club Management tool and a great looking intuitive App.

Impact: Reduction in management time by 50% due to automation of processes. Increase in members satisfaction due to ease of access of all the information.

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