Kalupur Bank (KCCB)


Kalupur Bank (KCCB)

Success Story: We designed and reengineered Website, Mobile Apps and Web Portal for complete digital transformation of the Bank’s new branding.

Location: India

Introduction: A Multi-State Scheduled Bank started in year 1995.

The Challenge: Kalupur Commercial Bank wanted to be the pioneers in digital banking first approach. A complete digital transformation and customer retention was necessary.

Our Solution: We reengineered the Website, Mobile Apps and the Web Portal of Kalupur Commercial Bank. The redesigned website gave a new fresh look for the existing customers and a new era brand image for new customers. The Mobile Apps designed by us gave a fresh approach to digital banking for customers of Kalupur bank.

Impact: Customers increased by 15% and there is increase in customer reach for the marketing services provided by the bank.

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