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Application Security Consulting
Our security professionals help enterprises to infuse multi-layered security at every level of the application life-cycle right from the design phase to the deployment and maintenance phase. The solutions provided by us help the enterprises to understand the implications from a business and security perspective.
Network Security Audit and Assessment
Organizations these days are reliant on digital platforms for data collection and storage. But companies continuously fail to adequately evaluate their current network security devices, operating systems and servers which are the backbone of IT infrastructure. Perimeter defence can offer a certain level of protection to the infrastructure but cannot promise 100% protection to threats. Performing a network security audit and assessment gives you an opportunity to evaluate the entire IT infrastructure.
Digital Forensic Services (Cyber Forensic Services)
The advancement in technology has changed the way we communicate, do our businesses or even the way we live. As the world has become a global village, not only businesses but criminals are also benefitting. The scope, impact and severity of cyber-threats are increasing with each passing day. Our team of digital forensic experts will help businesses identify, collect, analyze, preserve and report such crimes by identifying digital traces or footprints.
Compliance Audits
Organizations struggle to manage compliance when new rules, regulations, laws and standards across the globe continue to intensify. We work begins with gap analysis; reviewing risk and utilizing risk assessment tools. The only way to be prepared is to have a contingency plan in place, so we then create a roadmap and highlight the areas that need compliance. To address the non-compliant areas, We help businesses with compliances like ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS or any other relevant standards.
Cyber Law Services (Only available in India,UK & Germany)
We provide end-to-end cyber law services in India, UK and Germany that includes cyber law advisory and cyber-crime consultancy. We also make sure to provide full litigation support services along with cyber arbitration and dispute resolution services for cyber-crimes in special cyber courts and regular courts for compensation claims.
Cyber Security Training & Awarness
We offer a variety of training in several aspects of cyber security like application security, employee security awareness, cyber security for management, understanding GDPR and various other digital security-related training. Our training programs contain detailed insight on the current trends and latest industry techniques that will lay a strong foundation for your business.