Education Cloud Solution

Microsoft Education Cloud Solution

Transform your entire campus to the cloud with Microsoft Edu-Cloud that comprises of a host of cloud based solution and services.

Today’s students are digital natives. At Microsoft, we help them imagine the future and realise it. With the help of cloud computing, they create, deliver and manage content from any device, anywhere, anytime, making learning easy and fun.

With Edu-Cloud, students will have access to digital content and free access to Office 365 from Microsoft on their Windows-powered tablets. Using the cloud, students and teachers can communicate better, collaborate, create, access and consume content. In addition, they will have access to eDevelop, a learning management solution.

Get the Edu-Cloud edge

Communication and Collaboration

  • 50 Gb e-mail box with school domain (e.g.
  • Online sharing of documents

Productivity Tools and Platform

  • Upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10
  • Faculty and students can use Office ProPlus Suite on up to five different devices
  • Collaborate and co-cre ate content for classes, assignments and projects

Cloud Services and Storage

  • 1.0 Tb of cloud storage for your content on OneDrive
  • Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Intune

Rich Learning Resources

  • Access to the latest learning content on Microsoft technologies with Microsoft Imagine Academy
  • Get students and faculty industry ready with Microsoft Certifications

What’s in it for Teachers

  • Familiar and easy, always up-to-date tools to teach
  • Access to latest version of Windows 10
  • Anytime anywhere access to Office 365 across multiple devices

What’s in it for Students

  • Be productive anywhere with Office 365, accessible anytime across multiple devices
  • Connect and collaborate with other students and friends, track reviews and inputs through threaded updates

Modernize your campus with state-of-the-art-technology

Core productivity tools across entire campus

Seamless mobile device management enabled

Flexibility & Choice- Cloud on your own terms

Friction-less adoption

Maintain security and compliance