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The Sports Club of Gujarat was inaugurated in July 1965 and designed by the world-renowned architect, Charles Correa. It has been renovated and boasts of various amenities - such as, restaurants, gymnasium, library, swimming pool, indoor-outdoor sports, movie theatre, making it a place for family and friends to gather and enjoy. The club also has 45 rooms and is a proud host for weddings, corporate events, and famous celebrities from politicians and VIPs to sports people.

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    Multiple Systems

    A club belongs to the hospitality and entertainment industry which has too many services that need managing. All these services had their own software that needed to be handled and hence increased effort and time of the administrative department. There was also a lot of manual work and almost no digitalization.

    Fragmented Software

    Sports Club was using many different software for different systems which had difficulty communicating with each other so the data would have to be cross fed manually making it tedious for the users and admin. It also made the system more vulnerable to errors.

    The Solutions

    Sports Club caters to hundreds of people and many of them are VIPs for big events. Being in the hospitality and entertainment sector places a huge challenge as multiple services require multiple solutions - accounting requires software, so does the restaurant, and so does accommodation. Above all, members want digitalization - which is a major factor. TM Systems first identified Sports Club’s needs and identified the problems.


    Integration of different services in one software

    TM Systems came up with one solution - an all-in-one club management software - which has multiple modules for accounting, admin, reception, activities, members, staff, restaurant, back office, and more. This integration made it easy for all activities to be managed under one roof.


    Digitalization for Members

    TM Systems also developed a mobile app for members to have easy access to all information and updates about the club, and have their own profile, and a track of transactions, history of member’s own activities and bills, payments etc. With the same mobile app, members could book slots for various activities and seats in the club’s movie theatre.


    Advance Options for Member gate/activity area entry

    TM Systems digitalized members’ entries at the gate and other activity areas by replacing the manual register with member identification using speedy options, like a touch screen kiosk, contactless smart card and a biometric fingerprint recognition later replaced with an instant face recognition system, to meet COVID-19 safety standards.

    The Result

    The all-in-one system integrated all kinds of software - it included an entry module for members and guests, restaurant menu and ordering, room booking and theatre seat booking for users via the app, and more. This increased member engagement and satisfaction and staff productivity as well as there was a decrease in tedious tasks.


    Since Sports Club had so many services, TMSPL understood that a common solution which integrates all the services together while answering to individual needs would be more efficient than different software for each. This ultimately leads to an increase in user satisfaction which in turn increases productivity, efficiency, and the engagement rate.